Internet advertising helps you to reach a diverse population online to promote your products and services. By designing attention-grabbing ads, you can make the most out of your investments.

Search Engine Land has published a new article highlighting three tips for winning with real-time, inventory-driven ads.

The SEL team says, “The three steps outlined below won’t solve every problem in Q4, but these steps can help you conquer some of the most pressing challenges marketers are facing in the coming few months:

Step 1: Connect your ads to real-time supply chain and inventory data

After all, you can only sell what you’ll ACTUALLY have on hand or on the way. By connecting real-time data right into a PPC workflow, marketers can pivot quickly and automatically when one line of product sells out, and a much-delayed shipment finally arrives.

Automated ad creation instantly reflects the new inventory and makes it possible to serve up ads for only the items you can actually deliver. And when automating ads from inventory, there’s no need to stop at simple text ads. Extend the automation to also create RSAs (Responsive Search Ads), RDAs (Responsive Display Ads with images), and DSAs (Dynamic Search Ads).”

3 tips for winning with real-time, inventory-driven ads

Search Engine Land

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