Advertising on YouTube can help you reach a wide range of people who consume a lot of video content online. With the right ads, you can get the desired ROI from your investment.

Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonneberg has published an article highlighting 10 ideas that can help you achieve better results from YouTube ads.

She says, “From software demos to eCommerce promos, YouTube in-stream ads come in all shapes and sizes. So how can you create a YouTube video ad that resonates with your audience? Use the 10 examples below to guide your next YouTube ad campaign.

#1: Share Engaging Use Cases

How do you tell viewers that your product or service is right for them? Showing use cases that viewers can readily identify with is a smart way to pique prospective customers’ interest.

With skippable YouTube in-stream ads, you can transform ordinary use cases into engaging concepts—especially if you maximize the storytelling power of video. To accommodate limited attention spans, create shorter snippets that can stand alone or work together to convey a more substantial message.

For example, this Grammarly ad tells a story from the perspective of a “campus coach” who aims to make college easier for students. The ad follows the main character through several engaging mini-stories as she coaches each student to do their best work using the proofreading platform. Although the video prioritizes storytelling, it naturally weaves in glimpses of the product in action to enhance each use case.”

10 Ideas for YouTube Ads People Won’t Skip

Social Media Examiner

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