As we mentioned yesterday, Spin Rewriter 12 has just been launched. This is a seasoned product, over 10 years in the making.

I want to share a business idea with you, one way to take advantage of the power of Spin Rewriter 12.

it’s a simple idea, but one that can be used to build an online business.

All you need is Spin Rewriter, and you can get that at a big discount here: Spin Rewriter 12. In fact, you can even get it in a free 5-day trial.

The premise of your new business is that everyone needs content, for their website, their blog, their social media, etc. We all know content is king.

And ‘everyone’ doesn’t just mean online marketers. These days, nearly every business has a blog, and that means they need to create content regularly.

Do they want to write it? Almost all of them would reply “no”. They are busy running a business. And that is your opportunity.

With Spin Rewriter 12, you can become their blog writer, creating all their blog content, and, if you like, for an extra fee, posting it and managing their blog.

Just find interesting content around the web. Create an article by including paragraphs from multiple sources with some “connective tissue” you write. PLR sources are best.

Then spend a few seconds spinning the article to make it unique so that it no longer has the words of the original paragraphs and a few minutes checking it and touching it up.

Think of how quickly you could do all this. But your service is valuable for businesses. The ones who recognize the value of this content to their business will want to make sure they get a steady stream of quality content.

Watch this demo to see how easy it is: Spin Rewriter 12 Demo.

Some users are already taking advantage of this idea.

Rebekah Richards does it and says
SpinRewriter Rebekah Richards

And so does Jarrett Holmes.

SpinRewriter Jarrett-Holmes

So does Sue Scarborough.

SpinRewriter Sue-Scarborough-Web-Design

As a business model, this works. These users have demonstrated that it is practical.

And right now, you can get the tool that makes it possible at a huge discount.

Watch the demo here: Spin Rewriter 12 Demo and then get your copy.

Then get started building your online creative content business.

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