Analytics is the key to understanding your customers and driving more sales. Moving on, artificial intelligence technology adds enormous value to data analytics.

MarTech’s Chris Wood has published a comprehensive article on how marketers can find new business opportunities with AI-powered predictive analytics.

He says, “Much of the way marketers use predictive analytics is customer-focused. They want to find customers who are more likely to buy. And in an effort to be more efficient, marketers will put their efforts and budget into engaging these customers that have more intent.

Another time-saving method, however, focuses on the timing of an event or opportunity that marketers can jump on. This strategy, called time series forecasting, can also help marketers avoid a bump in the road and save themselves from a headache.

Drawing on your company’s current data resources, algorithms can arrange the data into patterns, and AI makes the insights even more actionable. The two main patterns or themes that predictive analytics determines are seasonality and cyclicality. They are repeatable phenomena that marketers can see coming over the horizon, and act on them.”

Using AI-powered predictive analytics to time your next move


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