YouTube, apart from being a video publishing platform, has scaled new heights in several ways. It has come out as a strong marketing platform for several businesses.

Search Engine Journal contributor Anna Bredava has shared five marketing tips and tricks from top YouTube channels.

She says, “Here are five lessons you can take from them to work on growing your own (or your brand’s) YouTube channel.

1. Create Videos Based on Your Objectives

Every piece of content you make should have a clear goal, whether it’s brand awareness, conversion, or attracting new clients.

Your content goals will define what kind of videos you should make. Don’t just try to make up a content strategy based on a hunch or what your competitors are doing (we will pay attention to that later).

Your goals can help inform both the topics you choose and the format you use to talk about them.”

5 Marketing Tips and Tricks From Top YouTube Channels

Search Engine Journal

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