Google doesn’t want paid commercials masquerading as editorial content, so they are starting to enforce marking your affiliate links and sponsored posts as rel=”sponsored” or rel=”nofollow”. WP Link Fixer automatically inserts them.

If you are just starting your website and for any new ads on older sites, you can mark your links this way when you add them to your site. Even mature sites like IM NewsWatch are doing that now.

However, we have over 5,000 links in old ads; all could potentially upset Google. So we need a solution like WP Link Fixer.

Google has rules; if you don’t follow them you don’t get ranked. Now, they are cracking down on affiliate links, sponsored links, and paid links.

It can be a nightmare to make the changes you need to all your existing content, making it nearly impossible to avoid penalties.

WP Link Fixer adds the proper tags to existing content to make sure you don’t get a penalty for the new spam rules.

And with the commercial unlimited site license included, you can also use it on client sites. The fix takes you moments to implement, but it can be a profitable income stream.

If your sites have any links that don’t have the correct “tags”, don’t hesitate in finding a solution because Google, the biggest snoop on the planet, will find your uncorrected links.

As with any Google Update, there will be winners and losers. It has happened with every algorithm update Google has made. But with this new software, you have a chance to be on the winning side.

Using WP Link Fixer means that no matter how much old content you have, in under 5 minutes flat you can have your links orrected.

It’s clear Google means business this time. They are calling this change their “Spam Links Update”; clearly, it’s not good news for marketers. What you may have been doing as a normal marketing practice will now get you placed on Google’s naughty list.

The changes are already rolling out in Google’s site crawling, and your site could get slapped next.

Take a look at this video that explains everything:

Don’t risk a Google slap another day. For the best price go here now: WP Link Fixer.

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