Post Google’s Page Experience Update, you need to rework your website promotion strategies. The Google update includes changes such as secure sites, safe-to-browse sites, non-intrusive interstitials, and core web vitals.

Perficient’s Digital Marketing Director Matt Ruud has published an article highlighting four ways to prepare your site to face the Google update.

He says, “Here are four things you should know about Google’s Page Experience Update and what you can do to set your site up for success:

1. The Page Experience Update integrates multiple ranking factors into one aggregated signal.

This integration lets Google rapidly test new, yet-to-be-announced aspects of the user experience as part of a larger ranking signal.

Why does this matter to you and your customers? A user’s experience with your site impacts their ability to find what they are looking for and leave satisfied. If users can’t get what they came for or lose patience waiting for it, it might as well not exist on your site. Google cares about providing a great user experience, so it makes sense that it plays a role in ranking.”

Google’s Core Web Vitals Update and What You Should Be Doing Now


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