Well-designed email marketing campaigns can help you get more sales. With persuasive emails, you can continue to stay in touch with your subscribers and reap the benefits.

Social Media Examiner‘s Michael Stelzner has shared three ways to help you refine your email marketing strategy.

He says, “Here are some steps you can take to refine your email marketing strategy for better results.

#1: Capture Emails With Pop-Up, Flyout, or Inline Forms

There are a few strategies available to get an email address from someone, including simply asking them in a private message on social media. But the most common method is by using one of three forms on a website: a pop-up, flyout, or inline form.

pop-up form is exactly what it sounds like: a form that pops up and covers some or all of the website. One thing to consider with a pop-up form is making sure that it doesn’t detract from the user experience on your website. This means you’ll need to have a form that’s optimized for desktop, as well as one optimized for mobile viewing. One of the advantages of the pop-up form is it can interrupt the user experience without ruining it.”

Email Marketing Sequences: How to Crush Your Sales

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