The subscription-based services have flourished with much success so far. Whatever business you are into, it is important to find out whether you can also start a subscription service.

Merkle contributor Breanna Frerichs has answered this important question: Is A Subscription Service Right For Your Brand?

She says, “The subscription model has changed the way consumers receive everything from entertainment and news to their food, software, and workouts. And brands that can capitalize on the advantages of this new way of serving customers have an opportunity to see great success.

The Subscription Advantage

Subscriptions are a convenient and easy way for consumers to purchase products and receive services, but there are several business advantages for brands as well, including these four below.

1. Predictable and linear revenue: Once a customer subscribes, it’s much easier to predict their future revenue, and a repeatable purchasing model is often more sustainable for brands.

2. Customer data: Instead of solely gaining information at a single or occasional transaction, subscriptions provide greater opportunities for data collection and insights.”

Is A Subscription Service Right For Your Brand?

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