Flixsterz NEXT was inspired by the growth of video streaming services like NETFLIX, Disney+, Apple TV, etc. and podcast services Like Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more.

With this new SaaS software, you can turn likes on your videos, podcasts, or blogs into email lists and more with your own videos or other people’s videos.

The first generation of this software was released in early 2020, at the time called Flixsterz Pro. The new, improved version (which they are calling the NEXT version) is being released today.

If you already have the first version, here is what has been added in Flixsterz NEXT:
➤ Podcast & Blogs Integration
➤ Channel Welcome Video
➤ Stream from Vimeo
➤ Stream from Google Drive
➤ Stream from Facebook
➤ Stream from Dropbox
➤ Stream from Amazon S3
➤ Logo Replacement (a part of OTO1)

At 10:00 today, there is a webinar that explains the power of this new tool. On the webinar, there will be drawings for prizes. You will also get a coupon for $10 off the initial purchase price.

Sign up here: Flixsterz NEXT Launch Webinar.

During this webinar they are going to showcase the new and improved Flixsterz NEXT.

This is an all-in-one platform for streaming your videos, hosting your podcasts, and publishing your blogs.

The inventors of this new video platform will show you how to replicate a Netflix, Spotify, and/or WordPress type platform, and;
* Why you do not have to invest in expensive subscriptions to showcase your videos, podcasts & blogs
* How to use other people’s content to build your platform’s content
* The method to attract subscribers to join your platform and leave their email address for your marketing list
* How to gain and grow your subscriber base in any niche with your own content platform

Go here to signup & win prizes (you don’t have to buy anything!): Flixsterz NEXT Launch Webinar.

Also on the webinar, they will show you how you can serve other businesses with video streaming, podcasting and blogging services.

We have all seen the TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube Influencers that have monetized their talents.

They have produced funny, educating, weird, political, and other sorts of videos that have captured an audience on their favorite social media platform. Then they recommend and promote products for a fee. These social media celebrities are earning thousands per day.

But they are at the mercy of their platform. Here is the big concern they constantly have:
• What if YouTube takes me down?
• What if Facebook bans my account?
• What if TikTok cancels my videos for some reason?

You will have the solution they need.

With Flixsterz NEXT you can offer them a professional platform of their own, which they control, without the risk of being banned, and where they control own their followers’ email addresses, letting them profit more than ever before.

During the Launch Webinar, you can receive:
+ Free Copies of the FLIXSTERZ NEXT
+ $100 Cash giveaway
+ Extra Bonuses
+ Free 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
+ Step-by-Step Training
+ Live Case Study & Demo
Flixsterz Next Video Platform

Go there quickly to sign up for the webinar, if you get there in time. Otherwise you will go to the recorded intro video and sales page.: Flixsterz NEXT.

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