One of the most important features of your website is its speed. With a fast-loading site, you can keep your visitors happy.

Blogging Wizard contributor Colin Newcomer has shared an article on how to speed up WordPress using Can W3 Total Cache and CloudFlare.

He says, “I’ll take you through every step of the process using real screenshots. So whether you’re a total newbie or an advanced WordPress user, you’ll be able to figure everything out.

How do W3 Total Cache and CloudFlare improve page speed?

Beyond choosing quality hosting, two of the biggest improvements you can make to a WordPress site’s page load times are:

W3 Total Cache knocks out the caching part. Caching speeds up your site by serving static files instead of dynamically rendered content (which WordPress is full of). I know that sounds a bit jargony, but all it really means is that your web server has to do less work and can, therefore, serve up your content faster.”

How To Make WordPress Faster With W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare

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