Advertising on TikTok can help you reach a different segment of the social media population.

Search Engine Journal contributor Rebekah Dunne has included four TikTok ad best practices, originally shared by TikTok.

She says, “TikTok saw the following best practices improve impressions compared to other video ads that didn’t set them.

Video Resolution Of At Least 720P

83.19% of the platform’s top-performing videos have a minimum of this resolution.

Having this as a benchmark means that you could increase impressions by 5.39%

Vertical Aspect Ratio

Of the top-performing videos on TikTok, 82.13% of them utilized a vertical aspect ratio.

The impact?

A 40.08% rise in impressions compared to videos with horizontal or square ratios.”

TikTok Reveals What Makes A High Performing Ad On Its Platform

Search Engine Journal

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