With targeted Google ads you can grow your online reach and make more sales online. Google’s responsive search ads automatically adapt to show the right message to the right customer.

MOZ contributor Tanuja Mahdavi has shared five best practices for Google ads PPC search campaigns improvement.

She says, “These tips will help you optimize your responsive search ads in your Google Ads search campaigns and increase clicks and conversions.

1. Add at least one responsive search ad per ad group with “good” or “excellent” ad strength

Google recommends adding at least one responsive search ad per ad group. Use the ad strength indicator to make sure the responsive search ad has a “good” or ”excellent” ad strength, as this improves the chances that the ad will show. Remember, the maximum number of enabled responsive search ads allowed per ad group is three.

It’s best to create very specific ad groups based on your products with at least three quality ads, as recommended by Google. This enables Google’s systems to optimize for performance and may result in more clicks.”

Responsive Search Ads: 5 Best Practices for Google Ads PPC Search Campaigns


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