Blogging is a great way to share knowledge, promote your business and make money too.

Quick Sprout contributor Lars Lofgren has shared some useful strategies to help you make money with blogging.

He says, “There are some common rules of thumb for figuring out revenue, though. They’re not perfect rules but they do tend to get the right number of digits. And after a while, you get a general sense of people’s revenue based on the size of their audience.

Marie Forleo —

Revenue = Roughly several million per year

Marie has been writing online for nearly 20 years now.

She also put in a lot of work into her YouTube channel.

Her content has a great reputation and her copy is world-class. I assume most of her revenue comes from infoproducts, particularly her flagship program B-School, which is sold out every time I check on it”.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021

Quick Sprout

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