An effective search engine optimization strategy enables you to improve your site traffic and make more sales. To achieve desired SEO results, you need to track and improve upon certain metrics.

Business 2 Community contributor George Konidis has shared a list of nine important SEO metrics you should track.

He says, “When evaluating your SEO strategy’s success, there are near-endless metrics you can monitor. To help you focus on the right metrics — regardless of what your business is about — here are the top nine SEO metrics and how to track them.

1. Organic traffic

Let’s start with the obvious one. Organic traffic is the traffic you get from the search engine results pages (SERPs) without paying for ad placement.

Your overall traffic can be from multiple sources (search engines, social networks, direct searches, other sites), and narrowing your focus to organic traffic shows your website’s visibility in search for keywords related to your business and niche. So if your SEO strategy is working, the number of visitors you earn from search results should steadily go up.

To track organic traffic in Google Analytics, log in to your dashboard and select “Add Segment” in the default Audience Overview”.

9 Important SEO Metrics to Track (+ How to Improve Them)

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