To achieve content marketing success, you need to have a team of dedicated people who sync with each other and continue to put in their best efforts for goal achievement.

Business 2 Community contributor Josh Ritchie has published a brief guide to help you build a content marketing tem.

He says, “A good content marketing machine is a thing of beauty, each piece well-oiled and optimized for ultimate production. But like any machine, if a piece isn’t working the way it should be—or missing entirely—the whole machine will suffer. (We’ve seen and experienced this more often than we’d like to admit in the teams we’ve helped counsel.) Unfortunately, when a content marketing team isn’t functioning to the best of its abilities, the symptoms aren’t always blatantly obvious. It’s less about the mistakes made and more about the opportunities missed.

  • It’s the lack of expertise that could have turned a basic blog post into a cornerstone piece of content.
  • It’s the social strategy that needs a little more fine-tuning.
  • It’s the analytics that go unanalyzed—or, worse, aren’t properly set up.
  • It’s the process inefficiencies that eat up time.

Of course, the truth is many marketing teams are limited in how many people they can hire or outsource to, so they are often forced to do more with less. It’s no surprise that things slip through the cracks. However, even the smallest organizations can make great strides—as long as they have the right roles covered.”

How to Build a Content Marketing Team (with the Right Roles)

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