Pinnakle Social Media Marketing SoftwareThe Mosh Bari team is releasing new Pinnakle app. Its job is to connect you with free traffic being given away by a new social media platform.

The platform, being new, is doing everything it can to build up its membership so that it can start charging advertisers to place ads on the site.

But in this startup phase, which Bari’s research indicates will last through 12/2022, you can present your marketing messages to its members without cost.

You can send the traffic you generate to any link you choose. You don’t have to have a website; send your traffic to an affiliate offer.

The net effect is that with Pinnakle, you can build your business:
❌ Without creating a single piece of your own content
❌ Without needing your own website, products, email list, or social media following
❌ Without having to learn confusing new platforms or technology.

Brand New free Traffic Source, not filled with marketers competing for customers

Video is a major facet of this site and you can use other people’s videos to drive traffic to your offers.

There are millions of daily visitors, but few marketers to sell to them. This site is not at all saturated.

You don’t have to buy traffic. Get all the traffic you need from organic reach and engagement.

With Pinnakle, getting started on this new site is easy.

No email list, website, or social media following are needed; none of the usual marketing overhead.

Now, Bari says, marketers who spend just a little time daily can build a consistent business, even if they are brand new to marketing.

Three steps to success:
1. Grab a fresh piece of already-created content from right within the app.
(New viral-ready video content is uploaded daily for you to use.)
2. Attach the special promotional link
(Use Your own or Grab one inside the App.)
3. Repost this “recycled” Content
(Let the “Experimental Traffic” algorithm send free traffic to your link.)

It’s simple; you can do it, over and over again, in very little time.

IM NewsWatch has arranged a collection of valuable bonuses for our readers. Take a look here: Pinnakle Bonuses

This new software is being released today and will only be available for a week at the launch price. And during the week, the price is rising every day. Don’t delay. Get your copy here: Pinnakle.

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