YouTube is the biggest player when it comes to publishing and sharing video content. By choosing right ranking strategies, you can make the most from your video content.

PPC Hero blog contributor Victor Blasco has shared a useful article on keywords and YouTube rankings.

He says, “First thing first! Why is it so important to find the right keywords?

Well, keywords make it easier for your audience to find your video content. And if viewers found your piece useful or entertaining, chances are they’ll share it with their friends and boost your organic reach.

So, your YouTube SEO process should begin with thorough keyword research:

#1: Create a list of keyword ideas

Just start by brainstorming what words you associate with your video. They can be objects featured on your piece, adjectives, ideas, concepts, and every word you think people can relate to your video.

You’ll improve this list as you go along, but it serves as a great starting point to create a sort of “keyword universe” where your video content lives”.

Keywords & YouTube – All You Need to Know

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