When it comes to video, YouTube is the platform that rules for years. With a strong marketing plan, you can achieve your online marketing goals.

To help you do it, Social Media Examiner contributor Diana Gladney has published an article highlighting five mistakes new YouTubers make.

She says, “To learn how to avoid five mistakes new YouTubers make, read the article below for an easy-to-follow walkthrough.

#1: Focus on Content That Positions You as a Trusted Resource

While YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want, you need to be strategic about what you choose to publish on your channel. Focus on content that lets your ideal audience or viewer know that they can come to you as the go-to resource for your product or service.

Some businesses make the mistake of uploading everything they do. While your 1-hour Facebook live stream may be good content, it’s not developed for how people consume content on YouTube. A better approach is to find the parts of a longer piece of content that are relevant to what people might be searching for or to your message or brand”.

5 Mistakes New YouTubers Make and How to Fix Them

Social Media Examiner

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