Creaite Content Automation SoftwareMathematician Alan Turing invented the now-famous Turing test for artificial intelligence in 1950. The essence of the test is to compare the content created by a human with the content created by software. If you can’t tell the difference, the software is said to possess artificial intelligence.

The software development team led by Joshua Zamora has released Creaite, which he says has artifical intelligence, although in a limited “domain”.

You see, Turing was looking at the AI problem in a general way, but Zamora doesn’t claim to have created a solution for general AI. Creaite has AI only in the realm (formally called a “domain”) consisting of marketing communication. It can’t help you with the weather, with baseball scores, or with advice to the love-lorn.



But, Zamora says that in 90 seconds it can produce marketing content that:
➜ You will not be able to tell was created by a machine, not by a human
➜ Will meet all your marketing content needs so you will never have to write content ever again
➜ Lets you avoid the need to hire a content writer ever again.

His team offers to give you access to this ground-breaking AI system for pennies on the dollar during this charter membership grand opening.

Why would this be the right decision for a marketer?
➤ With more and higher quality content, you will get more traffic, more love from the search engines, more sales, and ultimately your site will be more profitable.
➤ You will get better quality content than the average outsourcer will provide, and at a much lower cost.
➤ You will save time and avoid delays because you will have your content just seconds after specifying what you need.
➤ You will have verifiably unique content that will pass a CopyScape check every time – Guaranteed.
➤ You can also offer content writing services to other businesses with the Commercial License option.

To make this an even better deal, we have arranged a collection of bonuses for our readers who invest in Creaite.

Check them out here: Four Important Creaite Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

The Zamora team has decided to run a Summer Sale for a few days this month. Now is the time to get the best pricing, here: Creaite.

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