SEO is one of the most important processes to help you grow your business today. A well-planned SEO strategy enables you to get more customers.

Search Engine Journal contributor Mark Traphagen has shared eight useful tips to help you improve your SEO performance.

He says, “Let’s look at some of the best, proven methods for helping your pages get there.

1. Improve Internal Linking

I put internal linking first because it is one of the easiest tactics to implement that can have significant positive effects on your ranking.

The internal linking structure of your site is one of the primary ways Google assesses what your site is about.

And the better Google understands that the more things they might rank you for.

In addition, strategically applied linking between your pages can result in you building better topical authority for your key topics, increasing the chance that Google will want to rank you higher for those topics”.

8 Google SEO Tips for Page One Results

Search Engine Journal

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