Social media plays a very important role in the marketing and sales processes. Especially, networks like LinkedIn help you connect with professional contacts and promote your products and services.

Mary Cullen of Instructional Solutions has published an article highlighting three useful strategies to write a great LinkedIn summary for better results.

She says, “If you’re in sales, your LinkedIn About section summary should not be targeted at recruiters and colleagues, but at potential buyers.

First, Hook Them

LinkedIn is overflowing with content and connections. It is easy to scroll past bland or jargon-filled profiles. In order to draw viewers in and have them spend that extra time getting to know you, you need a great hook.

Your opener should draw the reader in with something surprising or intriguing. Personal anecdotes, statistics, or novel facts can all be framed in an accessible and interesting way. Avoid buzzwords or fluff in all parts of the summary, but it’s especially important in the hook. People can detect, and are deterred by, inauthenticity”.

How to Write a Linkedin Summary [Plus 4 Examples]

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