By finding highly relevant keywords, you can get your products listed on Amazon and grow your online sales.

Search Engine Journal contributor Robyn Johnson has shared three proven methods to help you perform accurate Amazon keyword research.

She says, “Keywords behave differently on Amazon than on Google. Once you’ve indexed for words that make up the longer keyword phrases your customers might enter into the search bar, you can focus on ranking, which looks at keyword phrases.

For organic Amazon SEO, think of individual words that make up longer phrases. Then, when you’re optimizing your PPC campaigns and launch plans, you’ll think in terms of keyword phrases.

This means that when optimizing for Amazon, we want to ensure we’re including individual keywords, regardless of the order or grouping the customer might type in the search bar for organic Amazon SEO.

It is also important to know that for Amazon SEO, frequency is not a ranking factor.

Therefore, repeating the same keywords multiple times throughout your title, bullets, and back-end search terms is not going to send a stronger signal to Amazon that your item is a correct match for the customer’s search”.

Amazon SEO Keyword Research: 3 Proven Methods

Search Engine Journal

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