When your website doesn’t meet Google’s quality standards and violates the search engine’s norms, it invites a penalty.

Searchmetrics contributor Sarah Presch has shared some useful tips to help you win a Google penalty shoot-out.

She says, “There are a number of different causes, some of which can be purely accidental, to those more severe where people are going out of their way to manipulate search results. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common causes our team have seen, and how to fix them.

Keyword Stuffing and Hidden Text

Back in the early days of SEO, people used to add keywords as many times as possible to get their site to rank. Nowadays, however, adding too many keywords to your texts is what’s known as keyword stuffing. When you’re writing a text, you need to make sure that your keywords sound natural, as Google wants you to write for users, not for search engines. Also make sure that your keywords are adapted to be grammatically correct, as people shouldn’t be able to spot what your keywords are”.

How to Win a Google Penalty Shoot-Out

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