Pinterest is the up-and-coming marketing platform, due to its growing and engaged audience. The visual orientation of Pinterest makes it an ideal platform for getting people’s attention.

You just need to understand what Pinterest visitors are interested in and then tailor your content to match their interests.

With the newly released Pin Inspector software, it’s now easier than ever to uncover the “golden nugget” content you need in your Pinterest marketing.

Watch the demo video here: Pin Inspector.

This new software is the last Pinterest research tool you will ever need. Look at what you can do with it:

✔️ Get top-trending search phrases and statistics for every keyword
✔️ Get keyword search volume data
✔️ Get the search volume index for every top-trending search phrase
✔️ Generate keywords from the Pinterest auto-suggest engine
✔️ Extract top pins from 33 built-in Pinterest categories (Uncover the top-performing Pinterest categories)
✔️ Use the pin analyzer to extract 47 columns of data about each pin
✔️ Use the browse & scrape technology to reveal hidden data from your own Pinterest feed
✔️ Uncover the top-performing ads in your Pinterest feed
✔️ Discover the top-performing Pinterest boards by extracting 14+ data points using the Board analyzer tool
✔️ Reveal the top pinners extracting 19+ different data points using the Pinners analyzer tool
✔️ View product images inside the data grid
✔️ See the TOP pins for any board or pinner
✔️ Download pin videos & images directly to your computer
✔️ See how many profile views top pinners got in the past 30 days

In fact, there are 6 powerful tools built into this new desktop software.
Pin Inspector for PinterestIt’s like have 6 software tools in one:

1) Keyword Generator Tool

2) Top Searches Trends Tool

3) Pins Analyzer Tool

4) Browse & Scrape Tool

5) Boards Analyzer Tool

6) Pinner Analyzer Tool

Armed with this thorough data analysis about which pins are performing best, you can design your own campaigns to target what people are interested in.

And there is a second opportunity that is available during this 2-day sale: You will receive a commercial license that allows you to sell your pin reports to other businesses.

You can create data reports for keyword searches, top trending search phrases, pins, boards, Pinners, and even entire Pinterest categories.

Not only that, you can deliver these interactive reports in 2 different formats:
• A data grid format where the user can sort and search through the report
• A feed style format (similar to how Pinterest looks, but better) with sorting and searching features.

What’s great about these custom reports is they have built-in features that work like a spreadsheet. And you can email them, just as you would with a PDF.

That makes these reports much better than the plain old PDF documents your competitor sellers are selling.

Have you ever seen a PDF document that allows you to sort data columns inside the report or search for keywords while you type?

With these standalone interactive reports, you can easily deliver fully functional “mini-apps” to your clients. How cool is that?

So, now you can create your research report business, selling Pinterest data on sites like Fiverr, and you will have a high-quality competitive advantage.

But the introductory sale is ending tomorrow. You need to get your copy now before the price rises. With the PIN20 coupon code it’s only $47 now, but after the sale, it will be nearly $100: Pin Inspector.

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