An SEO report provides a visual summary of a website’s performance in search engines.

Vertical Leap contributor Lee Wilson has published an in-depth article on SEO reporting.

He says, “The purpose of an SEO report is to demonstrate the progress your organic search strategy is making. You want to illustrate historical performance over time and attribute changes to specific marketing actions so you can prove the value of your efforts.

There are six key steps in SEO reporting:

  1. Define your audience: Know who each report is for and what their priorities are.
  2. Choose your data sources: Are you simply using Google Analytics and Search Console data or pulling insights from other sources, too?
  3. Choose your metrics & KPIs
  4. Compile your data: Bring all of your data into one analysis tool so you can manage, clean and compare.
  5. Analyse your data: Determine the most important insights from your data and look for new findings by comparing datasets”.

Does your SEO reporting give you what you need?

Vertical Leap

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