In email marketing, your words matter the most. From the subject line to the email content, you need to be alert in your communication.

Mequoda contributor Kim Mateus has published an article highlighting subject line spam trigger words.

She says, “Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, spam trigger words, content, and reputation. In many cases, engagement is also applied to this filter.

And subject lines don’t only consist of letters and characters anymore, now we have emojis.

A couple of years ago, we sent an email newsletter – back when we were still sending full-length emails instead of snippets (oh, the testing we do here!) – that was chock-full of subject line examples. Although we weren’t shocked, the email ended up in the junk boxes of more users than usual.

It wasn’t because any of the subject line examples in the email were spammy, but because filters look at your email as a whole. So although we’re dubbing these subject line spam trigger words, you can rest assured these also apply to your content”.

Subject Line Spam Trigger Words


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