Many online marketers and solo entrepreneurs have been working from home for years.

During the last year or so, the number has grown as many offices were locked down. Surveys report that having tasted the freedom of movement and relaxed atmosphere of working from home, many of these “johnnies-come-lately” want to stay where they are, thank you. No more crowded cubicle life for them.

But working at home can have its complications. For example, working at home when there is a pet in the house can be “interesting.”
Dogs are probably the most challenging of the typical pets in homes.
➤ They often have a lot of energy and need a way to use it productively.
➤ They often crave attention and can be insistent until they get it.
➤ They probably have quirks and habits you never knew about because you were miles away in the office.

At the same time, dogs can be a comfort when you are stressed, a companion when you are lonely or depressed, and, all in all, a motivator when you need to keep on track and keep moving.

A recent article by Patricia Oelze gives a lot of good suggestions for keeping both your dog and yourself happy and healthy while you are working at home.

Oelze reminds us, “Don’t let your pooch photobomb your Zoom meetings or video conference. We have some good ideas to keep your fuzzy family member busy while you concentrate on work. 
Just remember, this time at home is a bonus for both of you as you can create a better bond with your pooch while working from home.

You can read the whole article here:

Working from Home with a Dog

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