Remote work has become an integral part of the post-COVID-19. Working from home has is seen as a preferred way of working for several people across the globe.

Instructional Solutions contributor Samantha Taylor has shared six useful strategies to help you improve remote communication.

She says, “From our experience, employing the following approaches will allow your team to communicate remotely and remain — or even be more — productive and connected.

1. Use the right tool for your team

There are so many online tools designed to engage teams and ramp up remote productivity. We love Basecamp and have used it for years as our virtual office, Zoom for video meetings and screen share, and Loom to make quick illustrative videos when a visual demo of work is best.

Remote work tools typically fall into team communication tools, project management tools, and document management tools (or a combination thereof). These tools can be industry-specific or integrated into operating systems. Whatever the tool, it needs to be able to capture your team’s communication needs.

Time Doctor provides a strong list of their recommended remote work tools“.

Effective Remote Communication: How to Communicate with Your Team

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