Google Search ranks content based on quality. relevance and engagement. By creating content that helps your audience, you can also win the attention of the search giant.

Content Marketing Institute contributor Manick Bhan has shared three useful strategies to rank your content higher in the search engine result pages.

He says, “Let’s look at three strategies to elevate some of those signals in the eyes of Google.

1. Increase topic depth with semantic SEO

Although Google once looked only for keywords used to search, its natural language processing models now understand how search queries relate to each other. Semantic SEO is not only about optimizing for a single term but many keywords, phrases, and subtopics in the same space.

Let’s say you write a piece on interview software. You include references to interviews, candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Thanks to NLP models, Google recognizes these terms have a strong relationship with one another. Since your content contains all those related phrases, Google will perceive the page as having more topical depth than competing pages that don’t include all those terms”.

3 Quality Signals That Help Content Rank Higher in SERPs

Content Marketing Institute

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