MOZ contributor Cyrus Shepard has published 100% free tech SEO site audit checklist for SEO agencies, consultants, and website owners.

He says, “Originally, we set out to create a solid technical SEO audit checklist — one that covered all the important technical SEO areas which could have a significant impact on rankings/traffic and could be completed in a short amount of time.

As we created the audit, we realized that SEOs also want to check other traffic-impacting site issues that aren’t necessarily technical. Hence, we ended up with a more complete Technical SEO and beyond site audit — one that covers nearly every important SEO area with the potential to impact traffic and rankings.

Briefly, the audit checklist covers:

1. Basics

Here you take a few quick steps to set your audit up for success: making sure you have analytics installed, Search Console access set up, and optionally, running a site crawl. Go to Basics“.

The 100% Free Tech SEO (+ Beyond) Site Audit Checklist


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