A strong marketing strategy helps our business in promoting your products and services in an effective manner and accelerates its growth.

Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has shared a five-step process to help you create a winning marketing strategy.

He says, “In this article, you’ll learn how to develop a winning marketing strategy in five steps:

1. Have your market research data ready

It’s crucial to build your marketing strategy on data, not assumptions. That’s okay because you’re probably not developing and launching a product into the marketplace without market research—or at least you shouldn’t be.

Market research is an essential part of marketing and a topic on its own. I won’t go too deep into this, but I’ll provide options to get the needed data. Remember that even cheap, quick, and imperfect market research is usually much better than no research at all”.

How to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps


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