Psychographic segmentation is the process of separating or grouping an audience based on those psychological qualities.

Unbounce contributor Melanie Deziel has published a step-by-step guide to Psychographic segmentation.

She says, “Most marketers understand the importance of customer research. Still, when it comes to creating a complete profile of our audience using data, it’s tough to know where to begin.

The most common starting point is demographic data: who our customers are, from age to sex, race, marital status, and income level.

Demographic data can be incredibly helpful. But sometimes we need more.

We know individuals aged 18-35 may be interested in performance biking gear, but demographic data alone can’t tell us who likes to spend their weekends training for cycling races, and who’s more likely to fall off the stationary bike at the gym.

A number of women may be interested in organic shampoo, but demographic data can’t help us figure out which will prefer unscented cosmetics and be willing to pay more for sustainable products”.

Psychographic Segmentation: A Simple Guide For Marketers


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