Building and managing a WordPress site is extremely easy even for people with minimum technology skills. But with proper guidelines, you can save a lot of your time while building a WordPress site.

Search Engine Journal contributor Brian Harnish has published a guide called ‘How to Build a WordPress Site in 24 Hours’.

He says, “WordPress is a fantastic platform for building websites on the fly with little to no development time required to get up and running.

In addition, WordPress has fantastic customizability ranging from being able to fully customize your theme, to finding plug-ins that have the functionality to do just about anything you want.

The list of what you can do to customize WordPress is endless and is generally limited only to your imagination.

You can install a newsletter plug-in to manage your newsletter subscriptions. You can install analytics plug-ins that seamlessly integrate with WordPress and Google Analytics.

Other WordPress plugins allow you to customize your SEO such as your title tags, meta descriptions, and meta keywords”.

How to Build a WordPress Site in 24 Hours

Search Engine Journal

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