SEO copywriting has become a requirement in the past few years. It is crucial for every business, but especially for those in the eCommerce space.

Inflow contributor Kate Miller has published the ‘Complete SEO Content Writing Guide for Effective Website Copy’.

She says, “The specifics of your SEO copywriting strategy will depend upon your products, website, and industry. However, there are some key tactics that apply for every business and every vertical.

They are:

  1. Proper keyword targeting
  2. Enticing media usage
  3. Reader-friendly formatting
  4. Internal linking
  5. Meta data optimization
  6. Reader-focused copy

1. Use keywords properly and effectively.

Keyword usage is still an integral part of SEO copywriting. But it’s not as simple as doing some basic research, throwing keywords on the page, and hoping for the best.

We employ several strategies to target keywords for and indicate user search intent to search engines — without creating a subpar consumer experience”.

Complete SEO Content Writing Guide for Effective Website Copy


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