Daven Michaels $3K per Day

Daven Michaels teaches “$3K per Day”

Daven Michaels is coming to visit IM NewsWatch in our Conversations webinar series. He is an experienced online marketer who has a lot to share with those of us who are not quite as far along in our career.

He will share his experience in a particular project that turned out to quite successful for him. He titles his talk “$3K Every Day”. In his long-lasting project, that was his success rate; on average, he earned $3k per day.

Of course, he can’t (nor can IM NewsWatch) guarantee that you will earn that much, even if you take good notes on what he shares. But what you learn will certainly help you, and it will show you what is possible when you dedicate time and energy to a project, if you are going about it the right way.

You can learn more here: IM NewsWatch Conversations webinar with Daven Michaels.

We plan to be there. We want to hear what he says. We will be taking notes. We invite you to be there with us.

Date: 13 May, 2021
Time: 8:00 PM EDT,5:00 PM PDT, 1:00 AM May 14 in Great Britain, 2:00 AM May 14 in Western Europe (too bad, unless you are a real night owl, but I am hoping we will have a recording you can watch.) 5:30 AM May 14 in India, 10:00 AM May 14 in Sydney.

When I was looking into the possibility of his sharing his experience, he promised that he will explain it in a way that is easy for beginners who haven’t ever earned anything online to understand and copy.

He says you can do this work:
✓ Even if you have no mailing list or audience of any kind
✓ Even if you have no product to sell. (If you imitate his process you will be doing affiliate marketing. He shows you how.)
✓ Even if you have no technical skills beyond turning on your computer and using a browser.

We have been familiar with Daven Michael’s work for several years. His most well-known company is: 123Employee, a company that connects entrepreneurs with outsourced assistants in the Philippines.

There are limited seats available, so sign up now to attend: IM NewsWatch Conversations webinar with Daven Michaels.

By the way, it appears that on the webinar he will offer a special outsourcing deal to assist in getting started imitating his process.

Besides all the value Michaels will provide, we will send all our actual attendees for the May 13 webinar the YouTube Success Guide.

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