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Friday, June 21, 2024

Five Steps to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy

A strong marketing strategy helps our business in promoting your products and services in an effective manner and accelerates its growth. Ahrefs contributor Michal Pecánek has shared a five-step process to help you create a winning marketing strategy. He says, “In this article, you’ll learn how to develop a winning marketing strategy in five steps: 1. Have your market research data ready It’s crucial to build your marketing strategy on data, not assumptions. That’s okay because you’re probably not developing and launching a product into the marketplace without market research—or... [...]

Twitter Professional Profiles, Updates to Twitter Spaces, New Twitter Stats, and More [Video]

Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner has published a new video ‘Twitter Professional Profiles, Updates to Twitter Spaces, New Twitter Stats, and More’ featuring Madalyn Sklar. In this video, they cover the following: Twitter Q1 Earnings Call; Topics Updates, Ad Revenue, Curated Categories Twitter Professional Profiles Twitter Spaces Updates Twitter Tip Jar Twitter/NBC/Universal Content Deals Image Cropping Updates Twitter Fleets Updates. Social Media Examiner  [...]

Top Seven WordPress Web Hosts for 2021 – Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout contributor Lars Lofgren has published an article highlighting the top seven WordPress web hosts for 2021. He says, “Continue on for our in-depth reviews on the best WordPress hosting services today. #1 – Bluehost — Best for Creating Your First WordPress Website Bluehost is one of the most popular and trusted web hosts on the market. WordPress itself officially recommends Bluehost as a hosting option. They’re a perfect choice if you’re creating your first WordPress site. There are numerous reasons for this, but if we had to boil it down we’d say these are the three... [...]

SmartWriterr: AI Software that generates ‘Hypnotic’ Sales Copy #ad

It has been said that 63% of marketers and business owners fail because their sales page copy doesn’t convert prospects into leads. That seems reasonable, although I haven’t found any corroboration. Whatever the exact percent is, sales pages are at the heart of online selling. They need to be done well to get the maximum results. The two most popular ways of writing copy for sales pages for products and services: 1. Hire an Expensive Copywriter – you don’t know if they are good or bad at writing – the moment they are enrolled, they become a cost to you! 2. In-house Copywriting –... [...]

How To Get B2B Leads Using Social Media Ads [Video]

Social media platforms are a vital part of generating new leads for your business today. Exposure Ninja’s Tim Cameron has published a new video ‘How To Get B2B Leads Using Social Media Ads’. Exposure Ninja  [...]

How to Continually Find New Keyword Opportunities [Video]

SEO is all about keywords. The more keywords that you target and go after, the more potential traffic that you can get from search engines. So how do you go and continually find new keywords. In his new video ‘How to Continually Find New Keyword Opportunities’ Neil Patel explains this. Neil Patel’s Blog  [...]

Using Clubhouse to Grow on Other Social Platforms [Video]

The new Clubhouse app enables its users to communicate in voice chat rooms that accommodate groups of up to 5,000 people. The audio-only app hosts live discussions, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening. The SME team says, “Are you building an audience on Clubhouse? Wondering how to get those Clubhouse users to follow you on other social platforms? Learn how to use Clubhouse to grow your audience on Instagram, Facebook, and beyond, with this advice from Clubhouse expert TerDawn DeBoe. You’ll get actionable tips for using features such as DMs and groups to connect... [...]

CMI Shares Six Content Calendar Strategies

A well-planned content creation strategy can accelerate the growth of your business. Quality content helps you create a lasting impression on the minds of your prospects and turn them into customers. Content Marketing Institute contributor Kim Moutsos has shared six useful content calendar strategies. She says, “This post is not for those who choose to hold out for a flash of creative inspiration. It’s for anyone ready to do the dirty work of finding hidden content opportunities to shape and polish into something brilliant. 1. Frack this (aka repurpose it) I know of a content team that... [...]

MOZ Shares Eight 8 Tips to Find Right SEO Provider

SEO is one of the most important processes that lead to business growth today. An effective SEO strategy can help you win more and more customers using the search. MOZ contributor Jessica Foster has shared eight useful tips to help you find and hire the right SEO provider for your business. She says, “Choosing an SEO company or consultant takes careful consideration, as your primary goal is to find a provider that best fits the needs and goals of your business. For this reason, we’ve included some of the best tips for effective SEO hiring to help you weigh your options and decide on the... [...]

SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO [Series Part 3]

MOZ has published the third video in ‘SEO and Accessibility: Technical SEO’ series featuring Cooper Hollmaier. The MOZ team says, “We hope you’ve enjoyed this series on SEO and accessibility. In the final installment, Cooper shows you how the technical SEO strategies you implement across your site can help make it more perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust”. MOZ  [...]

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