I laugh every time I think of the scene in “Crocodile Dundee” when a punk pulls a knife on Dundee. Dundee replies, “That’s not a knife; This is a knife.”

Well, Cindy Donovan has accomplished something even more interesting for marketers. It is an ‘instant affiliate funnel builder’, but it’s a lot bigger than most others.

You can have entire funnels designed, hosted and branded with your site’s name.
✓ It will work in any niche and for any audience.
✓ You can even request to have one made specifically for you.
✓ All emails are written and scheduled automatically for you.
✓ All emails that go out automatically contain your affiliate links.
✓ All of the pages have ads that have your links automatically included.

You can do it all, according to Donovan, in under 30 seconds.

Included in FunnelMates, there are prebuilt funnels for popular niche products

You can use any of the funnels inside the system instantly.

You can connect your autoresponder to it so you can build your mailing list at the same time.

But, wait; there’s more!

With FunnelMates you can:
• Use the included templates to make any kind of lead generation funnel you like
• Sell these funnels you build, using the built-in marketplace
• Get paid for each funnel you sell.

When you invest today, you’ll get cash credited to your account to spend on your choice of completely done for you, instant affiliate funnels that are already in their growing portfolio of funnels.

Some of these funnels promote high ticket webinars, some in hot JVZoo, WarriorPlus or Clickbank niches, and some built for marketers and coaches selling their own products and services.

The selection of available funnels is remarkable, and it’s constantly growing.

And when you pick your funnels, the person who created it gets paid, the same as when you offer funnels for sale.

Of course, you don’t have to make funnels or sell them. Just use the existing funnels to promote high-quality affiliate products.

So, you can simply enjoy the automated commissions using the rich collection of instant ‘27 second’ community built funnels. Building and selling new ones is entirely optional.

The launch (with its special pricing) will soon be over. Now is the perfect time to get started here: FunnelMates.

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