The Google Optimize website optimization tool helps website owners and marketers test different variations of website layouts and content.

Makeswift has published a comprehensive guide called ‘Experimenting with Google Optimize’.

The Makeswift team says, “Google Optimize integrates natively with Google Analytics, which makes it easy to access any goals and traffic data already in Google Analytics, although it is possible to use Google Optimize with other analytics tools.

Why use Google Optimize?

There are a number of reasons why Google Optimize is an ideal tool for marketers:

1. It’s free

Google Optimize comes with a free tier, just like it’s counterpart Google Analytics. This free tier is very comprehensive, as it unlocks nearly every feature and capability of Google Optimize for anyone to use.

Google Optimize does have a paid tier, Google Optimize 360, which has better audience targeting, advanced admin controls, and higher limits on the number of experiments and sites you can run. However, costs for Optimize 360 can run as high as $150,000 a year, so it’s more appropriate for large-scale enterprises”.

Experimenting with Google Optimize


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