Kevin Indig has published a detailed note on search engine optimization titled ‘A modern understanding of SEO’.

He says, “A couple of years ago, I changed the way I think about SEO. Before Google engineers started to use machine learning for “the core ranking algorithm” – it must have been around 2016 – SEO was like a blueprint for me. I knew how things were supposed to be for a site to rank well, and my challenge was to execute against that vision.

Today, I don’t think like that anymore. I still have a rough map in my mind. I know content, backlinks, titles, and user intent are important, but everything is on the line of impacting. Search Pilot case studies do a great job of showing how many “factors” can influence a page’s rank for a keyword. I recently showed how Google tests content for different keywords in the SERPs. The machine learns and iterates. That’s why blueprint SEO is dead to me. I know think about zero-based SEO, which means: test everything”.

A modern understanding of SEO

Kevin Indig’s Blog

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