Search Engine Journal has published a new podcast episode ‘Ask a PPC Live with Amy Bishop’.

Talking about PPC, Loren Baker says, “The thing that really excites me about PPC is, and just a little bit about my background may be helpful to hear, is that when I first got started in marketing, it was more so media buying and PR. It was kind of before SEO became a big thing. And then I got into SEO over time. And part of media buying was paid search. So, and I’m dating myself here, and Overture, and then Google rolled on AdWords and things like that. But I’ve always seen getting in early or getting in with more of a broad stroke, digital marketing, I’ve always found it to be a benefit because the ability to see the thoughts connecting or to envision the dots connecting and bring it all together I think is something that is very difficult to do when you’re in your own silo”.

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