WordStream contributor Jessica Thiefels has published an article highlighting seven strategies to stand out from your competitors on Google.

She says, “Google’s search engine results pages are filled with opportunities to stand out, in various forms. There are ads, organic results, local results, images, shopping results, and more. Below are some attainable ways to stand out above your competitors on the search platform.

1. Make killer Google Search ads

There are a lot of ways to produce awesome Google ads that stand out from your competitors. Do your keyword research, test out ad variations (maybe you focus on keywords in one headline, and creativity or storytelling in another), make use of ad extensions, use customer feedback for ad copy, make your ads locally focused, and the list goes on. For more help with coming up with effective Google ads, check out the tips in these posts on the following:

7 Solid Strategies to Stand Out From Your Competitors on Google

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