Eric Holmlund, along with his partner, David Matthew, has just released training called The Authority Website Blackbook.

“Authority” in this context refers to expertise. A site has authority if it presents expert information, authoritative information, information that is trustworthy and trusted. The judges of your site’s authority are, first of all, your visitors, and second, the search engines.

IM NewsWatch, for example, is an authority site in the online marketing niche. It has been published for almost 15 years; it produces loads of trusted content; and people return day after day to get the fresh news we present.

The more authority your site has, the more traffic search engines will send to it and the better business results you will achieve. Clearly, you want your site to be seen by all as an authority in your niche. That will put you at or near the top of the search engine results, which will bring you more traffic.

Holmlund’s and Matthew’s new The Authority Website Blackbook helps you build authority in the eyes of search engines by building authority in the eyes of people.

After all, search engines are not able to inherently judge a site’s authority; they aren’t sentient or intelligent. They just look at clues that your site’s visitors leave behind that indicate these people consider your site authoritative.

If people think your site is authoritative, they will express that belief by sharing your content with their friends, for example. Search engines look for these clues (or “signals”) to determine your site’s authority.

They do this sharing on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. These social media sites have made it possible for people to “vote” on your site and have their opinion heard by their friends and followers but also by the search engines.

Building expertise starts with the content on your site. The Authority Website Blackbook will show you how to create good, unique, content easily.

It will also show how you can set your site up just once. After that, you can add new content to your website that looks great, and do it without any additional programming.

You will also learn how to setup your site to automatically optimize all of your content for the search engines (a.k.a. SEO).

You will discover how to blog so your posts will be noticed and ranked well in the search engines.

That’s just the start. If you get your content right, get the attention of search engines and start getting even a trickle of committed readers, you are on your way to having an authority site as readers influence search engines, which influence more readers, in turn.

If you want to benefits of having an authority site, get your copy of this training here: The Authority Website Blackbook.

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