In May 2021, Google is going to announce the page experience update with an emphasis on user experience in search rankings.

Vertical Leap’s Kerry Dye has shared some useful tips to help you prepare for page experience and Core Web Vitals.

She says, “In this article, we look at all the latest news related to page experience and Core Web Vitals to help you prepare for rollout in May this year.

Page experience signal rolls out in May 2021

The page experience update was originally supposed to roll out in 2020 but Google pushed back the update due to the impact of Covid-19. In May last year, the search giant said the update would not happen before 2021 and promised to provide at least six months’ notice before rolling out the new signal.

True to its word, Google announced in November that the page experience update would roll out in May 2021.

The update combines several ranking factors into one page experience signal, allowing Google to measure the quality of experience provided by individual pages and websites – meaning the link between UX design and search rankings is about to get even tighter”.

How to prepare for page experience and Core Web Vitals

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