To make the most of your content, you need to adhere to the guidelines of the search engines. By keeping an eye on the ongoing algorithm changes, you can do it efficiently.

Search Engine Journal’s Matt Southern has published an article highlighting John Mueller’s advice on SEO best practices for news sites & short articles.

She says, “Google’s Panda algorithm update is designed around reducing the prevalence of thin content with little or no added value.

What should Hegland do about the short articles on her news site? Should she noindex them so Google doesn’t see the thin content?

Here’s what Mueller recommends.

Google’s John Mueller On Short News Articles

As it relates to putting a noindex tag on the short articles, Mueller says that decision comes down to whether the site owner wants the pages indexed or not.

Mueller says he doesn’t think a noindex tag is needed just because an article is short, as sometimes smaller stories can be fine”.

Google on SEO Best Practices for News Sites & Short Articles

Search Engine Journal

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