Matt Garrett says it’s better to be persistent than talented. That’s the philosophy behind Marketing and Affiliate Training 1. You don’t have to be talented to build your online business. Just persistently follow the training.

Marketing and Affiliate Training 1

There’s nothing particularly special about Matt Garrett or Alex, his partner. They freely admit they are not especially talented. They’re just ordinary folk who have been online, consistently, for 20 years, and in the process, they discovered quite a bit.

In that time online, they have learned how to make a healthy, consistent living online and, after their learning phase, have been succeeding at it for over 15 years now.

Garrett says that their experience shows that anyone who sticks with it can succeed online.

Garrett has used the “divide and conquer” method of success. It’s a lot easier to accomplish a big task when you break it down into lots of simple, small steps.

That’s what they have done with their online marketing training. They give you weekly small steps to accomplish, with the end result being an online business that’s running and bringing in customers consistently.

There’s lots of talk in our community about taking “massive action”, pouring everything you’ve got into a marathon launch of your business. Garrett says that’s not necessary, despite what you have heard. That’s actually potentially the road to burnout. Slow but steady wins the race.

As we said, they call their training Marketing and Affiliate Training 1. It’s a membership program that lasts for a year.

This membership provides you all you need to get your own business built this year, and built on a solid foundation.

Here’s a quick run-down of what is included:
➤ 52 Weekly training lessons that give you easy-to-follow steps to build your business
➤ Step by Step Checklists: Checklists that help you get up and running quickly without missing an important aspect
➤ Monthly Marketing Essentials Workshops: Over the shoulder examples – follow the exact steps they take
➤ Monthly Q&A Webinars: Get your questions answered, along with live demonstrations
➤ Monthly ‘What’s Working Right Now’ guides keep you up to date on what’s working for them right now
➤ Large Video Library: Over 200 training videos covering every topic you need to be an online marketer
➤ Monthly Newsletters: Up to date case studies and articles on Internet Marketing
➤ Training on Essential Tools: What works and how to get the most from the essential tools
➤ Marketer Interviews: Get inspired with interviews by top marketers from all over the world

Imagine, a whole year of guidance and training, designed by people who have walked down this path before you.

Fortunately for us, Marketing and Affiliate Training 1 has just been launched, and it is available at a low-cost introductory offer for the membership.

Follow this proven process to build a real business, providing you with a reliable income stream.

Get it here: Marketing and Affiliate Training 1.

By the way, since they added a “1” to the name, we can assume that after you finish this training, there will be a second year of training available.

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