Running a successful business requires a lot of skills and time management is one of the most important among them.

Inc. contributor Justin Bariso has published an article highlighting Elon Musk’s profoundly simple productivity hack that may change your life.

He says, “With his hands in the mix of so many companies, one might assume that Musk’s knowledge about each is minimal–but that’s far from the truth. Garrett Reisman, an engineer and former astronaut who worked for years with Musk after leaving NASA to join SpaceX, marveled at Musk’s ability to stay in tune with minor details at the company.

“I mean, I’ve met a lot of super, super smart people,” said Reisman in a recent interview. “But they’re usually super super smart on one thing. And he’s able to have conversations with our top engineers about the software and the most arcane aspects of that. And then he’ll turn to our manufacturing engineers and have discussions about some really esoteric welding process for some crazy alloy.”

He continued, “And he’ll just go back and forth, and his ability to do that across all the different technologies that go into rockets and cars and everything else he does–that’s what really impresses me.”

So, how does Musk do it? How does he manage his time, so he can remain deeply involved with so many things?”.

Elon Musk Shared a Profoundly Simple Productivity Hack That Just May Change Your Life


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