Paid search marketing is a great way to reach your target customers and grow your sales online. Search Engine Land has shared six tips to win local with paid search.

The SEJ team says, “Here are six tips every marketer needs to win local marketing with paid search.

1) Don’t rely on Google alone

Location targeting — through Google Ads, for example — marks a huge revolution for advertisers and marketers. It enables them to maximize their PPC by targeting ads to specific areas.

Yet, while this is certainly helpful, significant blindspots remain. The data provided by Google Ads and others isn’t as granular as it needs to be to do things such as monitor competitor strategies or uncover opportunities that may crop up. This is something that advertisers and marketers need to keep in mind when gathering comprehensive search intelligence to make their strategies as dynamic as possible.

It’s nearly impossible for advertisers to juggle national, state, and local demand manually or without the right data. Therefore, AI is a business imperative when it comes to succeeding in the local search market”.

6 tips to win local with paid search

Search Engine Land

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