The formula for big money from small audiences would be valuable information, worth a lot to any marketer. However, for a short time, it is available for about the cost of a hamburger, drink, and fries.

A 3-Day Workshop with Chad Nicely is scheduled beginning on Feb 16, which will explain a marketing process, using the power of Facebook, that has the potential to create a good long-term online business for you.

Especially if you are new online and can use a “paint by numbers” system to make it easier to build your online marketing business, this webinar series, How to earn big money from small audiences, may be a big help for you.

In this webinar series, Chad Nicely and his partners, Steve Rosenbaum and Chris Jenkins will show you step-by-step how to build a Facebook group and then use that group to build your online business.

This video explains what’s happening: How to earn big money from small audiences.

They want to show you how to create a hyper-engaged Facebook Group filled with, as they say, “Hungry Buyers Hanging on Your Every Word”.

They say you don’t have to get everything in this process right because there’s plenty of room for error and still build a group that will bring in substantial income.

It only takes 7 minutes to build a group following their quick and simple, Paint-By-Numbers Formula.

When you attend this webinar, you will receive:
► Done For You Templates
► Step-by-Step Checklists
► Proven Graphics Files
► A Bonus Package they say is worth over $2000

During the webinar, they will walk you through the process of setting up your group so you will be ready to monetize it after the three days of webinars.

This is the easiest and most effective way to build a tribe online today, according to Nicely.

In the webinar, they will share sources for products to sell to your new tribe (i.e., group) members.

This is important: You don’t need staff members or inventory. You don’t even need to deliver the products you sell. (You are simply the middle man, and you collect commissions for your work.)

In the How to earn big money from small audiences webinar they will show you which Niches and Marketplaces will provide the best opportunities for marketing to groups.

When you attend, you will be given instant access to their own private group where they will share other information about building a successful group and business from home.

And don’t forget the many bonuses in their “VIP Bundle”, featuring Nicely’s “Secret Selling System”

Unlike some webinars, there is a small fee for this 3-day series, but it’s well within your budget, and you may reap big dividends from all the techniques you learn.

Unfortunately, the registration page will not be left up long, just 6 days because this 3-day workshop is going live on Feb 16, so there is some urgency in making your decision. On top of that, it is rising in price every few sales so don’t delay. Go here now

So go now and get instant access to your bonuses, and get yourself ready for the best workshop you have attended: How to earn big money from small audiences.

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