Search engine optimization is the life and blood of any business today. A strong SEO strategy lets you reach more people and grow your business.

SEMpdx contributor Kent Lewis has shared 22 common SEO mistakes that you should avoid in 2021.

He says, “I originally shared my philosophy on search engine optimization (SEO) a decade ago with The 3 C’s of SEO. In my article, I identified three primary areas of focus for successful SEO: content, code and credibility. While social media has influenced Google’s algorithm, the 3 C’s still apply today. In this article, I will outline the most common (and timeless) mistakes and misconceptions about SEO.


One of the most formidable challenges with SEO is the creation of fresh, unique, relevant and compelling content. Creating copy, photography, infographics, video or other forms of content is both time-consuming and costly. Over the past few years, Google has dedicated substantial time improving the algorithm’s understanding of natural language. With the BERT update in 2019, context came into play, and marketers were presented with another challenge: supporting search intent”.

22 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid in 2021

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